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Helpful information on caravans, campertrailers, motorhomes and accessories.
Hints and tips on a variety of RV topics. 
Includes Free Camp, Caravan Park & National Park Reviews, information and pictures.

Recent Articles

Cooking Outdoors - Gas Burners / BBQ's
What are the different ways to cook outdoors when camping? Dual-fuel stoves, LPG gas stoves, thermal cookers, road trip grills, Weber Q, Ozpig, choofers or ‘gidgee pots’
  Vehicle Snorkels/Water Blinds or Water Bra/Diff Breathers
All you need to know about vehicle snorkels and vehicle water crossing blinds. Protect your vehicle engine from water ingress when crossing creeks and rivers with a vehicle snorkel or vehicle water bra. What is a diff breather and why do I need one?
Powering RV's and Power Usage
What do you do to power your RV when you have no mains power supply? How to calculate the battery size to run lights and compressor refrigerator in my RV?
  Power Sources for RV's
What are the different types of power sources for camping? Battery types explained. How much can you discharge a battery before doing damage and what size cable/wiring size is required for power.
Charging RV Batteries
Charging batteries using a vehicle alternator or generator. 3 stage battery chargers. Three or Four Stage Chargers and charging times.
  Solar Power
Solar power for caravans and RV’s. How to calculate the battery size to run lights and compressor refrigerator. What are the benefits of solar panels and battery power to RV’s? What is an inverter and what does it do? Solar solutions for people on the go.
Portable Solar Panels and Solar Regulators
Portable Solar Panels and Regulators. What does a regulator do? How efficient are portable solar panels. What is a smart charger? What is a shunt and how is it used?
  Motorhomes - Hot Water Heaters & Cookers
Heating your motorhome or RV. Fuel efficient heating for your motorhome and gas free cooking. Diesel fueled ceramic cooktops direct from motorhome fuel tank.
Recreational Fishing / Licences
What steps can you take to fish responsibly? Is there a fee for a fishing licence or are you exempt from having a fishing licence? Where can you get a fishing licence? What are a bag sizes and bag limits for fishing ?
  Inverters and 12V Appliances
Running 240 volt appliances from inverters. Converting 240 volts to 12 volts. How do inverters work?
Camper Trailer / Tent Trailer Refrigeration
What types of mobile refrigeration is used in camper trailers, tent trailers or 4WD vehicles?  What is the best chest type portable refrigerator – Waeco, Engel, ARB, Trailblaza or National Luna? What is eutectic refrigeration?
  Doing the washing/laundry when camping
What are the best ways to wash clothes? Portable electric and 12V washing machines. Different types of clotheslines for camping.

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Popular Articles

Hitches, Anti-Sway Bars, Weight Distribution Hitches & Chains
Hitches, Anti-Sway Bars, Weight Distribution Hitches & Chains. How to stop swaying and snaking of your caravan.
  Roller Drawer Storage Systems
4WD, SUV and station wagon roller storage drawers to hold and organise your gear. Key lock, cargo, multi drawer, split drawer, fridge slide, dividers etc.
Cargo Barriers
Why should you have a cargo barrier in your 4WD/SUV? . What features should you look for in a cargo barrier? Will a cargo barrier prevent the roof collapsing in the event of a roll-over of a vehicle? Safety features discussed.
  Storage Solutions for your Gear
Vehicle interior and exterior storage solutions. How can you safely store gear on top of and in the rear of your vehicle? What is the best roof-rack?
Vehicle Dual Battery Systems
Easy to understand information on vehicle dual-battery system, isolators, solenoid, battery management system, starting battery, auxiliary battery and different types of batteries.
  Best Tow Vehicle
What vehicle do you need to tow with? Diesel? Petrol? Gas? Manual? Automatic?
Tyre Markings
Tyre markings, How do you read tyre markings on the tyre wall? How can you tell the age of a tyre?
Hitches & Hitch Receivers
Towing equipment explained including hitches and adjustable hitch receivers explained. Also information on pintle hooks, tongue receivers, ball mount shanks, hitch heads and front mounted hitch / gooseneck receivers.
Rooftop Tents
What is a roof top camper or roof top tent?  Things to note before purchasing.  Can a tent be fitted to the rear of a truck, ute or sedan ?
  Portable Toilet Chemicals - Homemade Remedy
Portable toilet chemicals are certainly not cheap, so many travellers have investigated making their own from simple ingredients bought at the local supermarket.
Portable Toilets
What are the different types of portable toilet systems for camping, under the bed in a caravan, rv, camper van or camper trailer? Which toilet paper is best and what chemicals to use in a portable toilet.
  Sanitation Products/Toilet Chemicals
Do your part by choosing environmentally friendly biodegradable chemicals and avoid products containing formaldehyde.
Heating your Caravan, Trailer, Fifth Wheeler, Campervan or Motorhome 
People like to travel in their RV all year round now and it can get very cold at night at any time of the year.  So, let’s look at some ways to heat your RV and stay warm wherever you are.
  Mail Redirection
Keeping a track of your mail while on the road can be a challenge however there ARE solutions. 
Vehicle Insurance, Club Membership Insurance & Travel Insurance
Caravan Insurance, Tow vehicle, Motor Club Membership, Travel insurance -  Does your insurance cover you adequately?
  Get Rid of Ants in Your Caravan
A caravanners worst nightmare !  A look at how ants get into vans and tried and tested ways from fellow caravanners on how to get rid of them.

Jockey Wheels
Jockey Wheels (solid wheels/pneumatic tyres/ratchet), Power Movers, Trailer Drive Systems or front tow bars? Which is best and which is the right one for you?
  Electric Brake Controllers
When do you need electric brake controllers and how will they affect/enhance your towing? Can you rely on them stopping you in the event of an emergency.
Sway Control
How to reduce the chances of swaying.  Is your van packed correctly to help eliminate swaying or snaking? Play the game.
  Caravan Fridges - Making Them Work Efficiently
Handy tips on making your caravan fridge run more efficiently on 12 volt or 240 volt.
Tyre and Wheel Bearing Maintenance Tips
Tyres and wheel bearings should be checked regularly. We tell you why and how. Advice on tyre care to achieve longer life and lower costs.
Towing Mirrors
Are towing mirrors required by law?  Which are the best towing mirrors.
Reversing made Easy
Help for those who don't know which way to turn. It can be as easy as it looks.
  Caravan Types - Pop Top, Full Height or Off-Road
Different types of caravans. Pop Tops, Full Height, Off road, Cross Country. Which one is right for you?
Camper Trailer Types
What to look out for.  Including things such as chassis, rims and tyres, suspension, stoneguard, body etc.
  Tow Bars & Tow Balls
The tow bar should clearly identify its maximum towing weight rating and its maximum ball mass.
Travelling with Dogs
More people than ever before are travelling with their dogs to pet friendly caravan parks throughout Australia.
  Slide on / Tray Back Campers
What is a slide-on camper or tray-on camper and what are the advantages of these over a campervan or caravan? Can I convert the work ute to take a slide-on or tray-on camper? Are slide-on campers practical?
Starting Out
First time caravan / rv owners? There are many things to consider. Make sure you get the right one.
  Towing Tips and Towing Courses
Want to gain towing experience, confidence and tips? Not to mention what to do when the caravan starts to sway behind your vehicle. It's all here !
Portable Toilet Systems
What are the different types of toilet systems for a caravan / motorhome and are porta potti chemicals septic friendly?
  Camp Oven (Dutch Oven) Recipes
Learn how to be the envy around the campfire.  Submit your own recipes here.
Heavy Vehicle / RV Courtesy
What should you do when overtaking or being overtaken by a heavy vehicle.  Sound advice from a truckies point of view.
  Bikes for Travelling
Types of folding, electric/motorised or compact bikes.



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