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Bicycle Racks / Bicycle Carriers

Discussing the various options for taking your bike on tour with you.




How can I carry my bike?

So you want to take your bike on holidays or a trip. 

No doubt you will want to select the best bicycle rack or bicycle carrier to be able to carry your bike in a convenient way, secure the bike to your vehicle, caravan, motor home or RV and protect it as best you can from dust, dirt and theft.


Bike racks or carriers for vehicles

There are various types of bike racks or bike carriers that can either attach to the roof racks or strap onto the back of the vehicle.  Other bike carriers or ‘bike beaks’ attach to the tow bar and there are also floor mounts for ‘well back’ vehicles such as utes, wagons and pick-up trucks.  Some racks require the front wheel of the bike to be removed.  The front forks of the bike are then clamped onto the rack itself.

A disadvantage of a roof mounted carrier is you may forget the bike is on top when entering your garage,  car parks or supermarket shopping center and impact or destruction of the bike may occur.


There are other makes of the swinging arm type that attach to the tow bar or rear wheel carrier of a vehicle and swing back to permit access to the rear cab or back of station wagons and the like.  One ‘swing away’ model is available from Australian owned distributor Bern’s Beaks and a ‘swing down’ bike carrier is available from Camec.

A disadvantage of a rear mounted bike carrier or bike beak would be if someone ran into the back of you it would likely destroy the bikes.  A strap-on type bike carrier has rubber stoppers to prevent damage to the rear of the vehicle and the straps come from the boot or rear window of the vehicle.  One disadvantage is they can be a little less sturdy.

Also, the bike rack or bike carrier must not obscure the number plate of the vehicle.  An additional (smaller) number plate may be ordered from your Motor Registry, Transport or Road Authority.

Some bicycle rack/bicycle carrier brand names are Sandrox, Thule, Yakima and Graber.   Rola Roof Racks supply cycling accessories with some bike racks specifically designed for the quick release front wheel as well as hitch mounted bike carriers . 

Fiamma produce a bike rack specifically for 4WD vehicles.  It holds two bikes and can be installed onto the rear spare tyre.  Haymen Reese also distribute bike carriers. 

Bike racks or carriers for caravan ‘A’ frame or drawbars/Motorhomes/Campervans

Fiamma have a range of Carry-Bike bike racks.  They can be fitted to your caravan, motorhome or RV in a variety of different ways.  Installation is dependent upon the model of your motorhome or RV. 

Fiamma have a bike carrier suitable for caravans extended drawbars or ‘A’ frame.  The bike carrier will hold two bikes, attaches to the ‘A’ frame or draw bar and pivots to allow access to the boot storage compartments.  Those caravans with a plastic cover on the ‘A’ frame would require removal of the plastic cover to enable the bike carrier to be fitted.


Some models are designed for bolt fitting through the rear wall of a motorhome.  Fiamma also distribute a model VW T4 Transporter for campervans.

Bicycle Covers

Bicycle covers are available.  A number of suppliers for folding bikes offer a carry case.  Check for those that are padded and weather proof.

Some brand names are CycleSAK, Brookstone WeatherWrap, Dayva, Trenway Textiles, Topeak and Bicyclette Capote mountain bike covers.



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