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Introduction to Camper Trailers

Different types of camper trailers - soft top campers, hard top campers, hybrid type campers.



Camper Trailers

Ah, you can see it now in your mindís eye, the bush camp all set up, the excited voices of children clambering on the granite boulders on the bank of the creek, the cool breeze tickling your face, your chair placed neatly in the creek and your feet cool, being caressed by its flow, beer in hand Ö. what more could you want?  Well, maybe a camper trailer just to take all the hard work out of camping and to provide more convenience and a few appliances.

Camper trailers are compact, generally quite robust and very popular for off-road use.  That is not to say that lighter weight camper trailers are not available for on-road (bitumen) use. They vary in size, construction and come with an array of features from which to choose depending on how much you are willing to spend.

There are soft top camper trailers with a waterproof pull on cover, hard top campers and hybrid type camper trailers.  Some come with sewn in heavy duty PVC soft floor and others with a checker plate heavy duty hard floor.  Most come with a foam or high density mattress but that can be upgraded to an inner spring mattress.  Some are side opening and others open to the rear of the trailer. 

Bear in mind that the addition of the numerous options available may alter the overall weight of the camper trailer.  This in turn may also have implications with the towing capacity of your current vehicle.


The units were basically a tent trailer which is a box trailer incorporating a tent however, over time there have been vast improvements and there are now a number of hybrid camper trailers which have solid walls.


Camper trailers can come with a roof rack on top on which you can place a small boat (tinnie), canoe, surf ski, surf board or solar panels.  The hard top portion of the roof may be hinged with heavy duty hinges or gas struts to allow the top to extend up to access and erect the tent portion of the camper trailer without the need to unload the boat or whatever is secured on top.

Whilst some people like to travel as light as possible and be able to travel just about everywhere, this is often coupled with the desire to be self sufficient.  So there has been a growing demand for the RV to include devices for sustainable energy for lighting and refrigeration. LED lighting is also becoming more popular due to its low voltage draw.  



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