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Outdoor Camp Cooking

Preparing a Campfire for Cooking
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How to Rid Your RV of Ants
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Roof Top Tents for Utes/Wagons
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Changing the Sacrificial Anode
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Portable Toilets
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Camper Trailer - Refrigeration
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Awning Maintenance
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Portable Electric Washing Machines
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Carrying Extra Fuel
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Free Camping
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Best Tow Vehicle
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Insects - In and Around the RV
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Free Camping
Preventing Theft of RV's

Security Devices
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What Insurance to Look For
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Caravan Rollover

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For the sealed road traveller campervans are fast becoming a convenient and comfortable mode of transport for our overseas visitors when touring Australia.


Looking for information on Campervans?
What is a Campervan  and How is it Different to a Motorhome ?

CampervanA campervan is normally a smaller vehicle compared to say a motorhome.  It is motorised and equipped with sleeping, dining, cooking and refrigeration facilities.  To work out the best campervan for you it is best to become familiar with the features. There are single bed models but more often than not the dinette folds down to make a double bed. 

Although a number of makes and models do not have a shower/ toilet facility some newer models do have this amenity.

Some campervans are fixed roof whilst others have a pop-top roof or high roof conversion.

Campervans can be affectionately known as "whizz-bangs", which comes from the sound the access door along the side of the vehicle makes upon closing.

CampervanFor the adventurous there are also 4WD Campervans that are marketed for those who want to get off the beaten track.  These can also come in a pop-top or high roof conversion.

For example, one Australian made campervan manufacturer, Trakka Campervans, have their "Trakkadu Range" built on Volkswagen Transporter with 2 wheel drive or all wheel drive options.  The Trakka Jabiru 4 x 4 version is available in three layouts with a 90L grey water tank, diesel powered stove, 136L 2 way compressor fridge and outdoor shower.

Self Sufficient Power

The batteries in campervans should last approximately 12 - 15 hours when fully charged.  Most campervans are equipped with a dual battery system allowing the 12 Volt lights, water pump, fridge and any other 12 Volt appliances to run from an auxiliary battery.  The engine battery is often separate, so if you flatten the auxiliary battery, you will still be able to start the engine and drive. This also allows the re-charging of the auxiliary battery when the vehicle engine is running.

Campervans have the facility to plug into mains electricity. All accessory appliances will automatically run on 230V AC electricity instead of batteries when the campervan is plugged into the electricity point in caravan parks. Appliances that only run from 230V AC will also be able to be used.

Campervan Whizz Bang

Campervan conversionCampervan Conversions

Frontline Conversions Pty Ltd, Brookvale in Sydney convert Toyota Hiace and VW Tranporter vehicles. The Toyota Hiace is available in a 3L turbo diesel or 2.7L petrol.

The Frontline Volkswagen T5 is available in 2 wheel drive or all wheel drive and the engines in a range of turbo or twin turbo diesel and either manual or 7 speed DSG Automatic transmission. The VW T5 features swivel seats and walk through cabin with cabin height and ventilation provided by the European tilt roof system.

And . for the even more adventurous traveller there are 4WD's with roof-top tents.

Rooftop Tent




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