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Cargo Barriers

Why have a cargo barrier and what is the best cargo barriers?

Part of travel safety is to secure your load and that includes items such as luggage, cooking gear, recovery gear, portable refrigerators, toolboxes and any other equipment stored in the rear of your motor vehicle.  The force of an impact from a frontal collision or a roll-over can see unrestrained cargo in the rear of a vehicle hurtling forward or on top of both passengers and driver resulting in injury or death.

Cargo barriers are available for passenger wagons, hatchbacks, panel vans and 4WD/SUV vehicles.  Some cargo barriers are designed to be used in more than one position eg: can be moved forward using dual position fittings, when the rear seats are folded down creating more cargo space.  Other design features are compatibility with child seat restraints, carrying portable refrigeration and for drawer storage systems.

Most cargo barrier mounting systems fasten to existing bolt holes where rear seatbelts have been removed and the bottom mountings fasten to the seats out floor extensions.  Some designs feature a split system dividing the back cargo area in half and can also provide a top shelf for lighter gear.

Some brand names for cargo barriers are Milford Cargo Barriers, Hayman Reese New Generation Cargo Barriers, Black Widow Cargo Barriers, 4WD Systems Cargo Barriers and Ausguard Cargo Barriers.  Cargo barriers are also available at ARB, 4x4 stores and eBay.

If for some reason a cargo barrier is unsuitable for you, Milford have a Safety Net design or a Protecta Net design to cover or restrain lightweight gear carried in the back of all vehicles.  Milford also have Gear Safe bag which can be strapped in the back of the vehicle or on the passenger seat.




A good cargo barrier will have the following features:-

  • Compliance with Australian Standards

  • No need for drilling of extra holes

  • Powder coated steel mesh

  • Means of escape for a small child such as a an ‘access’ window in the barrier or provision of a small hammer to break the glass

  • Rounded frame that moulds to the cargo area with little space for objects to get through

  • Compatibility for your needs such as half piece systems or a full one piece system

  • Compatibility for any side air bag feature on your existing vehicle

Although not designed as a roll cage, cargo barriers have been known to help prevent the roof collapsing in completely in the event of a roll over of the vehicle.

If your are considering the installation of a cargo barrier perhaps it would be timely to also consider if you need a roller drawer storage system because if you are in the market for the roller drawers the cargo barrier will need to be compatible.



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