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Full Height Caravans

Full height caravans can come in a variety of construction types.  The features of the construction such as the type of frames, suspension, wheels and overall weight determine to some extent their versatility for different types of terrain.

Full Height Single Axle Caravan


These vans have solid sides and roof, tinted acrylic windows or double glazed pane windows, fly screens and awning.  They usually come with gas bottles on the A frame or in the boot.  Caravans over 17 foot internal will generally require tandem (two) axels.

Some standard features are:-

  • Mains water tap on A frame
  • Sullage and water hoses
  • Sink
  • 240V power with Earth leakage circuit breaker
  • Microwave oven
  • Hotplates/grill/ oven
  • Gas bottle usually 4 kg
  • Refrigerator usually a 3 way fridge (12V, 240V & Gas)
  • Most come with a roll out awning
  • Triple lock security door



  • Less time to set up
  • Self contained
  • Refrigeration and lighting
  • More storage space


  • Usually weigh more
  • Have higher profile and may have greater wind resistance
  • Storage of van when not in use may be difficult due to the height of the van
  • Likely to require the need for you to buy a weight distribution hitch and/or sway control bars
  • Larger caravans have more wheels and therefore tyres so there is a cost factor in the replacement of tyres as they wear.



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