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Security Devices

Alarms, hitch locks, GPS tracking devices, wheel clamps and safes are all devices which can be used for theft prevention or deterrents.



Travel Safes

Lightweight Lexan Impact modified polycarbonate travel safes are available for motor vehicles, caravans and motorhomes. 

One such brand, “Hide-Away Safes” is manufactured in Melbourne and is SCEC endorsed.  The ‘Caravan Safe’, weighing about 1.5 kg, comes in a variety of sizes and is excellent for storing valuables, confidential information, laptops and hard drives. 

The Hide-Away consists of a  ‘docking station’ which can be mounted anywhere.  Once the safe box slides into the docking station and is locked with a key it renders the mounting screws inaccessible.  With the addition of another docking station the safe could be easily moved from say your tow vehicle to the RV or even your residence.

These safes come with a choice of two Abloy Security Locks.  The manufacturer claims the locks are drill resistant and virtually pick proof, and come with a 15 year warranty.  The locks can be keyed to differ or keyed alike.


Helix Car SafeLocks Galore have a Helix Car Safe which they state will house a laptop computer and power adaptor or conceal documents and valuables in the boot of your car.  The Helix Car Safe includes two keys and a security anchor cable to secure it to the boot of your car or a fixed object. The dimensions are 457mm x 315mm x 124mm.




Wheel Security

To prevent your wheels or spare wheels being stolen there are wheel nut locks available.  The locking wheel nuts may be operated by a key or it can be a specially shaped nut that requires a compatible socket for their removal.

Gas Bottles / Cylinders

For gas cylinders on the draw bar or ‘A’ Frame, padlock them onto the gas bottle fixing bracket.  For gas cylinders kept in compartments ie boot or specially designed compartment, these areas need to be kept locked.

Hitch Receivers / Couplings

Hitch receivers are removable from the tow bar and are quite expensive to replace.  To prevent the hitch from being removed from your tow bar it is recommended you acquire a hitch pin.  The hitch pin goes through the hole on the tow bar and a keyable lock fits on one end of the pin shaft.  The key entry point usually comes with a plastic cover to keep out dust and moisture.

Hitch pin locks are available from Hayman Reese, boating, automotive and caravan accessory stores.

Standard Hitch Pin
locking hitch pin
Locking Hitch Pin

How Can I Prevent Theft of my Camper Trailer?

Tow Ball Locks

There are several devices available to secure the coupling.

  • Couplemate Dual Trailer Safety Lock

  • 2” Dual Safety Lock  /  Lock Mate Coupling Lock



couplemate hitch guide and lock


lock mate coupling lock                     lock mate coupling lock



These locks can be used to secure your camper trailer or caravan by clamping onto the ball coupling thereby preventing the coupling being placed on the ball of another vehicle.  (The angled guiding plate on the Couplemate pivots and one side slots into the rear enabling the other side to shield the tow ball).  It is recommended that the trailer or caravan chains on the draw bar or ‘A’ frame be looped through the clamp on the "Lock Mate Coupling Lock" as well as this will prevent the RV being towed away by the chains.

The trailer guide makes hitching up your RV a breeze as it guides the ball coupling into place directly over the tow ball.  This accuracy of lining up the RV coupling to the ball prevents damage to the back of your tow vehicle and the need to try to drag the RV into place.

These locks however, are unsuitable for ORCA, Tregg or load leveling coupling devices.

Hitch Helmet

This is a solid device that can lock the RV alone or when connected to the tow vehicle. It clamps over the coupling and under the tow ball.



Hitch Helmet Related Articles:

Caravan Security
Theft prevention and what security measures you can personally take to protect your property.

Security Alarms
Alarm systems for cars, caravans, motorhomes and campertrailers (including engine immobilisers) 


Tregg Poly Block

tregg hitch
tregg hitch

Trigg Poly Hitch Locking Pin
Couplemate also supply a Tregg lock.  This lock replaces the ‘R’ clip and it can be used when your trailer is connected to the vehicle. It can also be used when the trailer is stored at home by inserting the pin and lock into the poly block.  There is also another lock with a Spring/Pin/Lock with a ‘T’ bar handle.

tregg hitch lock

Another available brand is Talon.  The Talon Locking Pin suits the Tregg Poly Block ¾ inch off-road coupling.

Wheel Clamps

Heavy duty wheel clamps are highly visible and protect your RV from theft by clamping onto the wheels thereby preventing the RV from being driven away.  Tyre size may reduce effectiveness, so care should be taken when selecting the size of the wheel clamp. 


Klamp-It Wheel Clamp

Two brand names are ‘Keep It Klamp-It’ and ‘Stretchmaster Wheel Lock'. 

The manufacturer of Klamp-It claim that it is Australian designed and manufactured and has the ‘stamp of approval’ from the insurance industry.  The clamp is powder coated and highly visible and the steel plate protects wheel nuts from being removed.  They are lightweight and fold up for easy storage.

The manufacturer of the Stretchmaster claims it is made of hardened steel, weighs under 3 kg and fits up to 290mm tyres.

Then there is the ‘Protector’, ‘Enforcer’ and ‘Supreme’ One Size Fits All Wheel Clamp which are Australian made and come with a 25 year guarantee.  The Steel Shield plate is manufactured from  solid steel and is secured to the wheel with a high tensile chain and an Abus 83/45 padlock.

Tracking Devices

Monitoring and GPS tracking systems or devices offer a variety of features and can also provide personal duress notification.  These GPS tracking systems are ideal for caravans, trailers, 5th wheelers and motorhomes. Sadly, an engine immobiliser won’t stop your motorhome or campervan from being towed away so these GPS tracking systems can be used to recover vehicles after theft as well as track the location of cars, boats and RV’s in “real time” 24 hours a day.  If someone opens the door and tries to steal your vehicle the automatic vehicle location and tracking system is activated.  These devices normally require some type of constant battery power supply.

Polaris You-Trac System is a GPS tracking system for caravans and motorohomes. It enables the vehicle owner to track the vehicle’s location via the internet on any computer.  The system features a power supply range from 6-37V DC, password protected log-in, real time monitoring, remote engine immobiliser and panic button for emergencies.  If the motion sensor is triggered it can send an SMS message to your mobile phone to warn you someone may be interfering or stealing your caravan or motorhome.

SmartTrack sell internet based tracking solutions and tracking is accessible from any internet connected PC.

GPS Satellite

IntelliTrac Advanced GPS Tracking Systems have four systems available including a SOS button for personal security and there is a monthly fee applicable for monitoring.

QuikTrak CarWatch system is designed for passenger and light commercial vehicles. The system features remote engine shut down, tilt/towing alert, vehicle tracking and 24 hour/ 7 day response.  The minimum monitoring period is 12 months and fees apply.

Cobra Car Alarms Sales & Service Pty Ltd also have a Caravan and Motorhome Alarm System.  This system incorporates a wireless Passive Infra Red (P.I.R) sensor, wireless smoke detector and a two stage shock or impact sensor.  The alarm requires constant 12V as the sensors are battery operated and transmit a radio frequency to the alarm unit when triggered.  DIY kits are available.  GPS self tracking and monitoring sent via SMS to your mobile phone is an optional extra.


DataDot Technology


The Motor Vehicle DataDot System has the vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) written on each DataDot.

This technology consists of tiny discs, about the size of a grain of sand, etched with multiple lines of code.  It can be brushed or sprayed onto your RV, tow vehicle and other assets.  The dots are invisible to the naked eye but are visible under UV light.

You can order through DataDot Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd.  Smaller DataDot Kits for household items are sometimes available through your local Neighborhood Watch.

Mongoose Australia Pty Ltd also have a product called ‘idMicroDot Australia’.  Each kit has a unique PIN code which is recorded on their data base along with your details so any stolen items can be traced back to you.

Caravan/RV Door Antitheft Device

Fiamma have a ‘Helping Hand Door Handle’ (46 cm, 03513A01 – Part No. 50145305).  This handle attaches to the exterior of the caravan and serves to make entering and exiting the RV easier.  When the RV door is closed, the handle then folds back onto the door and works as an anti-theft device.

The Helping Hand Door Handle is available from Caravans Plus, 22 Endurance Avenue, Queanbeyan NSW 2620.  They mainly conduct an internet based business for RV parts and accessories.

Fiamma Caravan / RV Door Antitheft Device

Brake and Clutch Pedal Lock

Alternatively, another device is a ‘Clutch Claw’.  This anti-theft device clamps over the clutch and brake pedals, locking them into position and that ensures neither pedal can be depressed.  The updated version of the Clutch Claw features a flashing LED light to draw attention that the device is fitted.  Any would-be thief would see this light and hopefully then be deterred from forcing entry into your vehicle, motorhome or campervan. 

Clutch Claw

The Clutch Claw is available from European Motorhomes and Caravans on

(08) 9581 5995, 296 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah WA.






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