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Vehicle Roller Drawer Storage Systems


What is the best vehicle roller drawer storage system?

So, now you have all your gear safely stored in the back of your vehicle behind the cargo barrier and piled to the roof but you donít want to have to pull it all out to be able to get to recovery gear, air compressor or some other item buried under all that stuff.  A good roller drawer storage system will help overcome this and provide lockable drawers for those expensive items.

Your choice of roller drawer storage system for the rear of your station wagon, panel van or 4WD/SUV will come down to your vehicle make and model, gross vehicle mass (GVM), your individual needs and your budget.  The materials used can vary from plywood to galvanised steel to aluminium and the drawers themselves can be side by side or stacked on top of one another.


"Double stacked" drawer system
with fridge slide

"Side by side" drawer system
with built in fridge slide


Things to look for in a good vehicle drawer storage system are Ė

        can your hard earned dollars meet the cost

        the drawer storage system must be functional

        maximises the space including the wheel arch area

        provides easy access to jack storage panel

        can the drawer system be fitted without the need for drilling extra holes

        are the screws, nuts and bolts stainless steel

        can the whole drawer storage system be easily removed if need

        a strong frame to handle the load and the rigors of off-road driving conditions

        quality roller bearings for the sliding drawers

        covered in marine grade or industrial strength carpet

        good handle with key lock for security of your expensive gear

        safety feature to prevent fingers or hands getting caught

        safety bolts to prevent drawer sliding out completely

        anchor points for securing your portable refrigerator

        independent slide out drawer to withstand the weight of your portable fridge and for access to the top of your fridge

        check to see what visibility you will have

        term of warranty

If you plan to have a 12V portable refrigerator such as a Waeco, Engel or National Luna decide what size you need and how high the drawer system is.  You want to be able to reach into the refrigerator without having to get up onto the tail gate.  Perhaps look into the Platinum range of drop fridge slides which can be mounted on top of your storage drawer.


Another tip is to find a vehicle storage system distributor who may sell more than one brand and compare the quality. 

Some brand names of vehicle roller drawer storage systems are Black Widow Vehicle Storage Solutions, Outback Roller Drawers, ORS OffRoad Systems,Tanami 4WD Products, Department of the Interior, 4WD Interior Accessories, Storage Mate, Drifta Camping Kitchens and BOAB manufactured by Dolium Pty Ltd. 




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