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Portable Electric Washing Machines


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Portable mains powered washing machines are available for caravans, travel trailers, campervans and motorhomes.  Some feature top loaders like the Lemair Top Loading Washing Machine and others front end loaders like Dometic Space Saver Washing Machine. These portable washing machines vary in weight and size so this will no doubt have to be taken into consideration when installing to make sure it will fit and to ensure you do not exceed the GTM or GVM of your RV.


For example, the 2.5 litre Lemair top loader weighs about 17.5 kg and the larger 3kg Dometic space saver washing machine weighs about 54kg.

These electric portable washing machines operate best on a level surface so if it is installed in your RV you will need to ensure your RV is on a level site during operation.  Some washing machines may require venting to the outside of the RV as well as a water overflow outlet to the exterior of the RV. 


Then there is the electric Wonder Washer portable model that plugs into a standard outlet and features a 7 liter capacity, 15 min timer and high and low cycles.  The electric Wonder Washer is made of plastic, weighs about 4 kg (8 lbs) an measures about 50mm x 50 mm (14” x 14”)

Suncamp Portable Washing Machine – this is a mains powered portable washing machine suitable to take camping.  The machine features an inlet and outlet hose, washes and spins up to 1.5 kg dry weight of clothes.  It can also be filled by the lid.
Suncamp Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine – this is similar to the above portable washing machine except for the extra tub for the clothes spin and then  there is also the Suncamp Portable Tumble Dryer if you want to go that far.
Lemair Top Loader Washing Machine – the Lemair XQBM20-C electric portable top-loader washing machine is popular for caravans and motorhomes.  The Lemair weighs 17.5 kg and has a 2.2 kg wash capacity.  The dimension are height 76.3mm x width 41.6mm x depth 42.5mm.  The program select has three cycles – Ordinary, Dirtier and Dirtiest with the ‘Dirtiest’ cycle taking about 45 minutes.  These Lemair washing machines can be operated on DC battery with a 300 watt sine wave inverter.

The dimensions of the newer model Lemair XQB22 with the clear lid are 695mm high (1100mm lid open) x 438 mm deep x 438 mm wide and weighs 18 kg and cold water connection only.  240V 5hz with fast, medium and slow wash cycles with variable water level selection. It is fully automatic with a 800 RPM spin cycle, a 2.2 kg wash capacity and a wash completion alarm.

Dometic Space Saver Washing Machine (EW 1170C) –this 3 kg capacity front-end loader weighs 54 kg.  Dimensions are 670mm high x 495mm wide x 515 mm deep and it needs to be vented to the outside of the RV.  It features a stainless steel drum and several wash and spin programmes.  This Dometic washing machine requires mains power and the power rating is 1900 W with a full run cycle of about 90 minutes. 

Washmax 240V/12V Washing Machine – this compact 1.2 kg capacity portable washing machine can be filled via the lid or the hose provided.  It has a 15 minute timer, weighs 5 kg and its dimensions are 470mm high x 340mm wide x 380mm deep.  On the down side it does not have a spin cycle or a pump to drain the water.  The water is drained by the side hose.


Pyramid Portawash 10L Washing Machine or the Pyramid Portawash Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine – the Pyramid Mini Portawash is a semi automatic portable washing machine with a 10 litre capacity and its net weight is about 4.8kg. The maximum weight for the clothes capacity is 600g whereas twin tub has a 1.5kg clothing weight capacity and weighs about 10kg with the advantage of the spin cycle being operable on its own or at the same time as the washing cycle. 

Australian Standards

So many electrical appliances are now available over the internet or purchased on eBay and some of these appliances are imported into Australia.   Any electrical product sold in Australia must comply with the relevant Australian Standards for safety and performance.  The seller or hirer of electrical appliances must make sure appliances are approved. Electrical items are tested and given approval numbers to indicate the product has met the applicable standard.  Also the Electricity Act 1945 requires new applicances such as washing machines, refrigerators, clothes dryers and dishwashers offered for sale must display a ‘star rating’ efficiency label.

Washing machines are one of the electrical appliances listed as a ‘prescribed’ electrical appliance and ‘prescribed’ electrical equipment must be approved in your state or have approval from another state electrical regulator.  The electrical appliance should be marked with the regulatory compliance mark (RCM).   These markings consist of a letter to indicate the State (eg: Q = Queensland, N = New South Wales) followed by a number of symbols.

If the appliance does not have a RCM then it is likely it has not been approved.

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